Atmega 328P Chip

Hi All

I am working on a project. I used Arduino Uno board with Atmega328P chip on it with PDIP package. Now I would like to make a PCB using smaller chip package (TQFP). Can some one suggest me on how to upload the codes in it.


Set up a circuit just like Nick Gammon's example, then you upload in the normal way, but via a USB to serial board.

See here.

You could also buy them preloaded, depending on where you buy them from.

thanks it was really helpful.

Another question do you know where I can buy them preloaded ? any links ?

Some of the large distributors such as digikey, mouser and Farnell may be able to do that for you.

That said, if you may need to update in the field I would put on a header for either ICSP or serial programming (For the latter you will need a bootloader installed via ICSP).

Hang on!

Two questions: Are you obtaining chips with a bootloader already on them, which you will need for serial programming with a USB to serial adapter?

Secondly, does your board include a 16 MHz crystal clock?

If you have the clock, then you simply need to include an ICSP interface. This is the two by three array of contacts matching those on most Arduino boards such as the UNO.

You do not need to have a pin header soldered as you can use "pogo pins" to connect for the process of programming.

As Paul__B stated, as long as the board has the plated pins pads, PoGo pins work great and saves the header costs. There are several semi-automated sketches out for flashing the Arduino - Nick Gammon as well as the stocked ArduinoISP.

But, if your volume is low, you can even use an ArduinoISP running on UNO or a cheap Pro Mini and a Windows Batch Script to literally copy a chip's contents: as here.