atmega 328p pu icsp

does this look ok for a working icsp on a breadboard i will make it better on a proto board but just wondering will this work for icsp

Where is the ICSP header?

I see the 6x1 pin header for serial uploads, but it looks like you have the ISP pins just going to like an Arduino-type shield header, rather than a 3x2 I(C)SP header.

I will put it to a icsp header but was just wondering is this the write pins I need for icsp and are they all conected good like do I need any resistors etc I’m just learning

I'm confused - how can I see if the ICSP pins are right if you haven't shown them?

No resistors are needed for ICSP unless there's stuff on the SPI bus that would fight with the ISP (Atmel has an app note with recommendations for what you do if there's something on your SPI bus that doesn't respect CS)