Atmega 328P

Hello all. Pls be gentle as I am a newby.

Purchased recently 2 clone UNO3 from china.
One I have been able to boot while another wont boot.
Discovered that the first associates itself to Atmega328P by code 0x1e950f
the other has been programmed as its signature to associate with 0x1E950f where the capital has changed.
Various messages received for attempts to boot have been

  1. all 0's
  2. 0xff000000
  3. 0xffff00000

I am resisting changing my config file to reflect a capital E as I am comfortablye using the other and also other arduino boards.

Any suggestions to re program ch344 chip to reflect a signature of 1e950f ??



Those two hexadecimal values represent the same signature. Case is irrelevant in hex notation.

There is not enough information in your post to determine what the real problem might be. Please see How to use this forum for suggestions on how to get help.

"Any suggestions to re program ch344 chip to reflect a signature of 1e950f ??"

Those are the signature bytes of the '328P. You can't change those.

What are you using for a Progammer to bootload them? The Programmer doesn't go thru the USB interface chip, but connects to MISO, MOSI, SCK, Reset, +5, Gnd.

Post the log. Switch it on to details (in Preferences for uploading).

Thank you to all three for your comments. Jremington knowing case sensitivity doesn't apply is gratefully received.

CrossRoads has made some check list which I will look at today sometime. With thanks to you.