Atmega 32u4 USB short circuit

Hi guys! I'm writing here because I'm experiencing some problems with the usb on my Atmega 32u4 based board. I have connected vBus to vcc, the 5V of the USB to the vcc and decoupled the Ucap as the data sheet reports. The problem is that when I connect the board to my pc windows notifies me that the USB is requesting too much power and so it shuts them down. I have to say one thing, when I tried to plug it in I had an Arduino uno connected by ISP (I haven't already soldered the 0.1 uF capacitors and so I thought to use the one of Arduino even if fairly far from the power) but this shouldn't be a problem, it is like I supply Arduino by USB port and it can't be as well that Arduino and the board are sucking too much power because when I upload the hex files in the board it is only alimented by the Arduino USB. Do you have any idea of the cause of this short circuit? Thanks!!

Without the circuits and perfectly focussed pictures, I doubt we can figure out anything.