Atmega 8 & AVR-ISP programmer

Hi There!

I am using atmega 8 on my Arduino Uno board. As it has a start-up delay, I am trying to upload the hex file directly to the atmega 8 using external programmer AVR-ISP to avoid start-up delay. I am able to upload the hex file successfully to the Arduino using external programmer, but the problem is Arduino won’t start unless I press the reset button. Am I missing something? Any suggestions are welcome… Thanks in advance!

Try clearing the BOOTRST flag, so it boots straight into the sketch.

Change the HIGH fuse from 0xCC to 0xCD.

Hello Nick, I have changed the HIGH fuse to 0xCD but no luck, is there something else I need to do with BOOTRST flag?

Thank you!

That was the BOOTRST flag.

When I connect the arduino to external power source, there was no problem at I guess, my laptop USB source is not sufficient enough to provide required power for arduino and LCD.

Possibly, depending on the figures for the LCD and the laptop.