Atmega chips!

:-?My question is this - if once you’ve made a prototype using a few components and an Arduino using an Atmega 168 can you then just wire up you’re components and what ever else you may need directly to the Atmega chip? I guess what I’m really asking is what is the absolute cheapest way to take your prototype and embed it into your project? Thanks, Goatboy :slight_smile:

Good news: this is indeed a Frequently Asked Question, so it’s in the right forum section. A quick scan of the existing threads would probably find several other folks asking the same thing. :slight_smile:

Better news: that’s the whole point of the Arduino board. It’s just a prototyping playground for the ATmega chip. The main chip is in a socket (partly) for just this reason. Program it the way you like, pop it out and make your own support circuitry. There are probably as many variants of the board as there are people asking this same question. And those who don’t want to make a separate board just incorporate the actual chip into their main circuit.

:smiley: Nothing less than Awesome!! I seem to remember seeing some of the chips planted on breadboards now! :slight_smile: I bought a few of the pro mini’s thinking that’s what it would take to embed my projects. Is it a fairly logical process to directly hook up the Atmega’s and is there a good place where I should start searching for that info? Thanks Tons, Goatboy :slight_smile:

There are a number of bare runtime boards available if you don’t want to make your own. I use this one:

Other choices include:

btw, is your first name is Giles?

:slight_smile: Thanks For that GodMember!! This forum is the dog’s bollox ;D No, my name’s Robbie