atmega103 board


I have a whole bunch of boards with an atmega103, RS232 converter and a bunch of i/o on it. I would like to put the bootloader on it so I can use it as an arduino. Can anyone tell me what bootloader is needed for the atmega103 and what the pin mapping would be?


First you should take a look at my web page

I have done a lot of work to support many of the various non-standard cpus

Even though I havent previously tested with this CPU, I just checked and my core files seem to work properly with the 103

As far as the pin mapping, it is TOTALLY dependent on the board. I can easily do it if I have a schematic AND a board layout. This is not so much CPU specific as it is board specific.

Point me to the docs on the boards and I will see what I can do.


Hi Mark,

Thank you for your offer. I do not have the gerbers or the schematic. The board was part of an digital audio demo board. The product never made it to market, and they gave me the whole batch they made ;D . I used to work there ::) . Here is a photo of the board. As you can see the board is not compatible to the arduino layout but good for al kinds of small projects. On the far right you see an analog input amp and output amp and ad/da.

The exposed pins are: most left top connector 1- PE4 2- driver to pin 8 of rs232 3- PA4

Middle Left connector 1- PD4 2- Driver to pin 2 of rs232 3- RxD

Right one of 3 left most top connectors 1-TxD 2 to pin 5 of right most connector 3 -PD2

Port F connector 1-PA0 2-PF7 3-PF6 4-PF5 5-PF4 6-PF3 7-PF2 8-PF1 9-PF0 10 gnd

Black right most connector 1,2,3 Digital VCC 4 PE0 5 Right one of 3 left most top connectors pin2 6 PD0 7 PA4 8 PA3 18 PC4 19 PC5 21,22,23 GND 24 PA1 25 PA2 32 PA5 33 PA6 34 PA7

Lower right leds and led connections (left to right) Led1 PC0 Led2 PC1 Led3 PC2 Led4 PC3

Boxed SPI connector middle bottom 1 PE0/RXD 2 VCC 3 PB5 4 PB3 5 RESET 6 not SS/PB0 7 SCK 8 PB4 9 PE1/TXD 10 GND

Your website contains some very useful information. Can you tell me what bootloader I need for the atmega103 ? I also still need to figure out how to put the bootloader in. I still have a jtag interface from keil but that one only works on windows and now I use mac. Maybe I need to get a bus pirate.