Atmega1281 Bootloader is working

Hi Arduino fans,

I changed some code in the Adruino bootloader and the core files to make the Atmega1281 working on my @ANY900Dongle (check

Since this Donlge has no Reset, but DTR on PE4, I used the interrupt event to start the bootloader. Arduino IDE toggles DTR anyway when “Upload to board” is executed.

I created:

  • the atmega1281 bootloader (hex file, code and makefile)
  • the core\arduino files and
  • my working blink example with bootloader jump

BTW: since our dongle includes the AT86RF212, the next step is to provide a working radio driver for it. So stay tuned :wink:

If I should not have the rights to attach files, please send a mail to and ask for the stuff.

Best regards,

Have fun,

it seems that I am not allowed to attach files, sorry guys. You have to mail.


I uploaded the files to my webpage:

Have fun and test what works or not :-)



@tino: will you be selling the dongles/nodes to the general public and if yes, how much will they be?

Our sales team is selling this hardware with other firmware like Zigbee, IEEE802.15.4, AT-Parser and so on. Ask for prices by mail using

Making Arduino running on it is more or less a hobby thing for me :wink:



Hi guys,

since some applications need to utilize the WDT as a reset source, I updated my 1281 bootloader for that.

Website updated.

Have fun.

Is it working at 3,3 V or 8 MHz? ::) Have you tried other CPUs?

I uploaded the files to my webpage:

Tino, your files seem to be zipped in *.7z extension. Could you convert them into *.zip files, please?