ATMEGA1284 - 352*280 pixel display on PAL TV.. BMP's from SD CARD

Hello all

Just as a little extension to some video-based projects I have been doing I have created a very simple bit of kit that will read 352px*280px BMPs off an SD card and display them on a TV in monochrome

The monochrome image will be post-processed, (very simply via 3 PWM charge-pumps and bit-choppers) to give pretty much any colour and a background colour (instead of black)

so far it all works pretty well, but I do intend to run this directly from DMX so I can select image/effect/imageColour/backgroundColour/OverallBrightness

The beginning :

Updated :

I am hoping to get the full colour (from 24bit palette) working tomorrow so I can post another video

Regards, Bob

a bit more, this time on a 43" TV

I have full colour now, but its not optimised and there are a few nasties - but it works foreground & background colours are adjusted by the DMX input (250kbps)