ATmega1284P: End to End using 1.0 IDE

opening it with MS Photo Viewer,

An Eagle file?


?? I thought I sized it to fit the forum, maybe just a touch wide. Can you view the .png's I posted earlier?

Yes you can Leo.

I thought I sized it to fit the forum,

I mean the Eagle files, how do you pan the screen without using the scroll bars?


I generally use the scroll bars.

Or, zoom out, use the Fit button (looks like a magnifying glass) and then Select button (looks like a magnifying glass over a piece of paper) to see a selected area.

You don't have scroll bars for some reason Rob? I have Eagle 5.11 and 6.0 installed, both have scroll bars. If you save in 6, can't go back to 5.11 tho.


opening it with MS Photo Viewer,

An Eagle file?


I thought you asked about the schematic .png file. That is what I was referring to.

I generally use the scroll bars.Or, zoom out, use the Fit button (looks like a magnifying glass) and then Select button

All very cumbersome though, most (all?) packages I use allow dragging the display with a mouse button as JoeO said. That’s quick, easy and intuitive which probably explains why everyone except Eagle does it :slight_smile:

I know I bash Eagle a lot but it’s things like this that invite it.



I really like your "324/644/1284 style duemilanove".

Where do you buy your surface mount components in small lots, 5 or fewer pieces?


Generally digikey. Not much more to buy Rs, Cs, in 10 lots to have on hand for the next project tho.

How about a mostly thru-hole version?

Hmm, see, to have lost a couple of the big cap's in the conversion ...

I really like the PIH design.

Based on the board size, what would the cost be?

Bare boards, 10 or $24.90 from iteadstudio plus shipping, typically $5 to Boston, MA area. So if I order 10, then $4 mailed in an envelope to you. Materials: '1284s are $5.82 at Mouser, $4.50 for the FTDI chip, regulators ~75 cents?, USB connector ~$1, and whatever you can scrounge up for sockets/headers, Rs, Cs, LEDs. Maybe ditch the surface mount parts and just put holes for pins for one of these one instead That'd be worth $5 saved in surface mounting aggravation to me! The same holes could allow an FTDI Basic to be jumpered in for programming and not be installed if the end application didn't need it, like a big Pro Mini.

Can get the rest pretty inexpensively from Think I'll add 3 more holes to allow for 3.3V from the FTDI if the 3.3V regulator is not used, and change the 5V regulator to a 7805 type.

JoeO, Saw your PM attempt - system does not seem to be working yet. Or I need to make some undetermined change still to allow PMs to work again. Or my PMs are hosed as a moderator. Or ... Either way, what's up?


1284 Duelaminove PIH. I would take up to 10 boards. Would you want to have the whole panel sent to me from the manufacturer and I would pay you the $40?


Boards coming from China. Customs, etc. Easier to receive & forward.

CrossRoads: Yes you can Leo.

Thank you, Bob.

Grr, I think I need to re-do the layout on the all-thru hole board. Eagle saying the schematic & layout are not compatible, every thing I try & fix just makes it worse. Not sure how they got that way, but it seems hopeless.

it may not be the end of the world if you want to send .brd and .sch I'll see if I can "av a word" with it cheers Mike

Thanks Mike, will send it over tonight after work. 10:30pm your time unfortunately.