ATmega1284P ZX Mic. & Arduino Bootloader

Hello. I have a ZX-24s Microcontroller which uses ATmega1284P. Because Arduino has big community and a variety of libraries I would like to change ZX's bootloader and put Arduino Bootloader. In ZX Microcontrollers Forum they pointed to me the Calunium Project but i have to make some changes so bootloader works with my 24pin microcontroller. Unfortunately I'm really new to microcontrollers so even if I can read or compile the source code I don't know what changes I have to do ( something with ports as they told me ). I also I don't know what do I have to do to delete previous bootloader and set the new bootloader to my microcontroller. So here I am hopping for some help from the experts :)

My Microcontroller (with schematics and info) :

Calunium Project:

Calunium Source And Bootloaders:

Thanks in advance !

"The heart of the ZX-24s is the Atmel AVR ATmega1284P microcontroller running at 14.7MHz."

That is not quite compatible with Arduino - can you change it to 16 MHz?

The maniacbug bootloader is working nicely for me in the arduino environment.

And obtain an AVR ISP downloading the bootloader. or

I use both, the 2nd one is slower than the first as it appears to program all of memory vs just the bootloader section. The first one makes it easy to look at fuses. But it requires the part to powered from elsewhere. Tradeoffs. A USB/Serial adapter like this is used to download programs (sketches) via the serial port after the bootloader is installed.