ATmega16 and ATmega32 with Arduino bootloader

Good day!

Local suppliers in my country have big problems with ATmegas, I can't buy ATmega168 or ATmega328 locally, but ATmega16A or ATmega32A are accessible.

Is it possible to recompile Arduino bootloader for these chips, are there any caveats?

(P.S. I've already assembled a bunch of devices on stand alone ATmega8, so recompilation of bootloader with WinAVR technically is not a problem).

Thanks in advance!

Take a look here

You may have to modify a file or two, but it reads do-able to me.

What country are you in, and can you update your profile with that?

Thanks for the reply, looks like exactly what I need.

About supplies: I’m from Ukraine. AVRs are the most popular MCUs here (side-by-side with PICs of course :)), but since summer in DIP packages only ATMega8A and ATMega16 are easily accessible (that’s common problem for Ukraine and Russia, I don’t know a reason) and the prices for all packages goes up (even in $, not in local currency). There are a lot of forum topics in local forums about this.

The most funny thing is ATMega328: most of sellers in my town tell me that such MCU simply doesn’t exist. I’ve pulled one from my Arduino to show them :))