ATMega168-20PU, ATMega168V-10PU ,ATMega8-16PU

Hi, I have questions about ATMega

In electronic shop it have ATMega168V-10PU , can i use in boarduino or arduino ?

and in electronic shop have ATMega8-16PU , can i use ATMega8-16PU in boarduino ?

Thank you very much

You can find the full info about differences in datasheets (

Atmega8 have 8 kbytes of flash memory. Atmega168 have 16 kbytes of flash memory. Basically, more memory for programming. But another small differences too, between 8 and 168 versions.

PU means lead (Pb) free.

I'm not sure, but the Atmega168V-10PU can work with 1.8~5.5volts and 4MHz~10MHz. The Atmega168-20PU works with 2.7~5.5volts 10MHz~20MHz. The frequency limit can be a problem for the 168V-10, but read the next line.
I tested an AtmegaL8-8PU with the Severino, without problems. Note that this IC work with frequencies up to 8MHz (The clock crystal is the same of all Arduino's, 16MHz). It is possible that the Atmega168V-10PU (that works with frequencies up to 10MHz) works too. You must test it (this will not damage your board), or wait for more experienced answer.

I use an Atmega8-16PU in my Severino, without problems too. I think it's possible to use it with Boarduino too. But I think you must use the "NG or older w/ Atmega8" bootloader option in IDE to burn the bootloader (if you need it).

Note that Atmega's have various packages, but only 28P3 package is compatible with Arduino boards socket.