atmega168 and 168v

I am building a rapid fire chip for an xbox 360 controller, so i need a chip with the arduino bootloader, and i need it to be able to run on two AA batteries without a problem. I checked the datasheet, and it says the atmega168 is good down to 2.7 volts, while the atmega168v is good down to 1.7. i plan on using the duemilanove to put the sketches on the chip, and i plan i using the usbtinyisp
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to burn the bootloader. Will the atmega168v ( ATMEGA168V-10PU Microchip Technology / Atmel | Mouser Europe ) work in the place of the atmega168?

Yes I think it will work just the same.

Watch out for clock speed limitations running at a lower voltage.

If you select a 16MHz board in the IDE, it might generate code that doesn't correctly when you have to slow down to 8MHz.

Also, don't forget that rechargeable batteries don't have the same voltage as alkalines, and voltage drops off noticeably as they discharge.