Atmega168 and Atmega168V


I got an Atmega168V in DIP version, and i want to upload the bootloader of arduino lilypad, to run (without the 16MHZ crystal) at 8MHZ, i need it for a low power project. Is possible? And how i do it???

And there is an internal difference between atmega168V Dip version and the SMD version (lilypad)???

I already have the TinyISP programmer. Thanks


I did this with 168V's and it worked fine, no problem. Just connect Arduino to ICSP headers from TinyISP programmer, programmer to USB and burn the lilypad bootloader. I built a simple circuit with it with no crystal and it works great. Just uses the 8MHz internal resonator.

That really work, =) thanks you!!! :D

No problem. It should also use less power now. I think you can also change the bootloader to run at 1 MHz which will mean very little power consumption but I haven't tried this yet. That should also work without a crystal.