Atmega168 bootloader

Hi guys,
sorry if this has been posted about a million times before but a few quick searches did not really give me anything specific to go on.

just got myself an arduino starter kit and i think its brilliant, ive tried using pic chips in the past and hate the idea of using assembler… as its a pain, plus the development enviroment is awful

anyways, i have some good ideas for projects etc and want to build them but i only have the atmega that came in the arduino.

my question is, where can i get either pre-programmed chips from in the UK, or how do i go about getting blank chips and flashing the boot loader to them, is it as simple as buying the chips, replacing the one in the arduino with the blank one and getting the arduino software to flash the firmware to it???

the kit i got has a Arduino Duemilanove the chip on the board has a sticker on it that says ATMega328, underneath there is a sticker that says Z4480 if that is any help to identify it :slight_smile:

would really appreciate the help if you would be kind enough.


I’m in the UK and sell the 168 chips with Bootloader -

There is a global shortage of 328 chips right now and apart from paying silly money for them the usual suppliers (mouser, digikey, etc.) don’t have any in stock and are saying they won’t until August !!!

Hi Mike,
thanks for the reply exactly what i wanted to know. nice to see i can get some good bits and pieces off the site as well.

did i see on your site that there are arduino books for beginners? if so which one would recomend for someone like me. i have a basic understanding of electronics and components etc, built a few circuits in my time and im proficient with a soldering iron :slight_smile:


There are lots of books out there for free download.

For printed books - Tom Igoe Book - Making Things Talk is good or for basic’s there is the Getting Started With Arduino book.