Atmega168 is damaged in arduino duemilanove

Hello Everyone , I am new to arduino forums. I have an arduino duemilanove with atmega168.

I had it working till the moment i applied a little more voltage than recommended at the input pin. Since ever that happened my arduino did not respond while burning sketches and also the atmega168 chip got heated up as soon as i connected it in the usb. SO i bought a new ATMEGA168.

Now i am building the programmer as shown in

I am not sure on how to proceed after building the programmer.

My idea is : Step 1 : Build the programmer and connect the icsp header to my arduino board. Step 2 : Replace the damaged atmega168 with a new blank atmega168( the one which bought) in the arduino board. Step 3 : Connect the other end of the above built programmer to the serial port of my computer. Step 4 : Open the arduino0018 software (since i am using that version and have not yet updated to 21 ) (i). Select "Arduino Diecimila\Duemilanove w atmega168" from Tools---> Board (ii). Select "w/ AVR ISP" from Tools ---> Burn Bootloader Step 5 : Disconnect the programmer from my arduino board and connect the arduino board to the computer using usb cable and start using the arduino as usual.

Please do correct me if i am wrong.

Thank You. Linus Robotique

i never got the burn bootloader thing to work with the ArduinoIDE.

if it doesn't work as planned, maybe this page will help you:

someone please give me more solutions ..... :-/ i cant wait to repair my arduino .... :'(

Regards, Linus Robotique.

Chances are that the FT232RL on-board is still good. I have been using the FT232 Bitbang method to burn bootloaders using avrdude exclusively and have not had any issues.

I'd suggest that you check out the original post here ( I have a post here that is geared specifically towards Linux users (