ATmega168 on a breadboard 8 MHz internal clock

Now there is a good tutorial called From Arduino to a Microcontroller on a Breadboard and at the top the say "if you have a new atmega328 (or atmega 168), you'll need to burn a bootloader on it. But then it seems like all of the files are specific to the 328. They tell you to download a file into a "hardware" file in your sketchbook which enables you to select "ATmega328 on a breadboard (8 MHz internal clock)" when you get to burning your bootloader. My question is...does this bootloader also work with the 168 without modification or is there another file somewhere called something like "ATmega 168 on a breadboard (8 MHz internal clock)" Its funny because in the diagrams they are using a 168 but again they only refer to the 328. Thanks.

  1. I think this is the wrong section for your question.
  2. It should work.
  3. What the worst thing that can happen it you try it? :grin:

I have tried all that but it is something that does not seems to work, the problem you are addressing needs to have an ADDITIONAL board added to the BOARDS.TXT file of your arduino distribution folder(where arduino is kept) search for it in the arduino-00## folder (probably you'll find it in hardware folder) and add a new board, i did this also but it does'not seems to work, I'm today SUCCESSFUL with a clock Oscillator(16MHz) and two caps of 22pf and not to forget the 10K resistor.

I'm running the ATmega168,ATmega8 and ATmega328's on my 2009 and UNO board's.

if you want to load a Bootloader use the BITBANG method it's reliable,fast and Working!


But HOLD ON, it applies to you if you have a DIECIMILIA or a DEUMILANOVE board basically you need to access the X3 port's (The one with the 4 pin )

Thanks Nishant- I'll probably just end up using the caps and oscillator to be on the safe side unless someone convinces me that they've had success with the internal clock on the 168.

MrTaylor- saying "It should work" is like saying "I don't know"- if you knew you'd say "It works" or "It doesn't work". And as far as telling me to "try it" goes... You had nothing to say about using the 168 chip without an external oscillator but at least you tried to make me a better person. Thanks.

they've had success with the internal clock on the 168

I have. But I use a Pololu AVR Programmer and no bootloader.

I have no idea what it takes to install a bootloader on a processor so I can't help with your actual request. All I can say is that a 168 runs fine using the internal oscillator. Depending on the processor and on what you are trying to do, you may need to tune the oscillator.

MrTaylor- saying "It should work" is like saying "I don't know"

yea, my wording sucks. I should have said it worked on a spare 168 chip. By the way, you can burn the lily pad bootloader to the 168. It runs off the 8 mhz internal oscillator. I just finish a project doing it. I burned the bootloader using usbtinyisp. I selected the board as Lilypad arduino w/atmega168. This bootloader has a long start up time, 10 secs or so.