ATmega168 standalone w/ oscillator

Just got my pre-burned ATmega chips today and ran to the store to grab some 16mhz crystals, but alas they had none! Instead, I bought a 16mhz oscillator. I’m not sure how to wire it correctly. It has 4 pins instead of 2. I understand that two are for power, one for output signal, and one for mounting, but I’m unsure how to figure out which is which and how to wire it up.

Is it possible to use this oscillator with my chips? Or maybe even the 555 timer I have on hand? I’m nearly clueless as to what I’m doing, so even the littlest of help is appreciated!


Oscillators have 4 pins, but only 3 pins are used:

clock out

There are 3 round corners and one square (or pointy… I don’t know how to call it). The non-round corner is pin1 and is the pin that is not used. Viewed from the top, upper left is +5V, lower right is GND (like any TTL device), upper right is clock signal. Please, get a diagram in google.

ATMEGA168 has 2 XTAL pins, XTAL1 (pin 9) and XTAL2 (pin 10).

I think if you connect pin 10 to GND and the clock output from oscillator to XTAL1 (pin 9), you have a clocked ATMEGA168.

Are you mounting a standalone Arduino on a breadboard? If you want the atmega168 work with Arduino, you need to supply more components than simply the clock…

Thanks for the quick reply! I’ll give it a shot when I get back home tonight.

Other parts? I have the arduino mini USB converting to serial and providing power. There isn’t anything else that I need is there?? I’m roughly following this breadboarding tutorial:

Plugged in everything like you isntructed and it runs great!! ;D Thanks a ton for the help!