ATMEGA2560 current sink ?

I have an ATMEGA2560 Arduino board which is sinking 75 mA. It seems to me it's unreasonably high.

I check ed the datasheet of ATMEGA2560 micro and it shows a 20mA at 16MHZ clock. There's in addition the bootloader serial microcontroller which I assume to be sinking other 20mA.

There's still 35 mA missing... where do they go ?

The Arduino is not mounted in any board (which may be sinking) I have it in my hand with just the power supply. External supply at 16V.

Unused outputs (all of them) at ground.

Can someone help me ? I 'm pretty new at using Arduino, so I may be missing something big. Bear with me.

Greetings from Italy.

I have it in my hand ...


I just measured my Mega 2560 board. It was taking an average of 71 mA doing nothing, so that sounds about right.

The USB chip would take some, the voltage regulator would take some, the "power" LED would take some. Doesn't sound like a fault to me.

See this page:

On that, my Uno plugged into a 9V battery uses 55 mA, so I assume the Mega would use a bit more.

Thank you Nick, I don't have any camera nearby... but it's just like that:

So, your board sinks 71 mA, almost like mine, and so there shouldn't be any fault.