ATMEGA2560: which registers for the MMC ?

Hi guys,

I got mmc_fat.h file from this github project (embedded/avr/2boots at master · thseiler/embedded · GitHub).
And I would like to know the correct configuration for my ATMEGA2560 for these defines (currently it's the default values for a ATMEGA328):

//Port & Pin definitions.
//Settings below are recommended for a MEGA168 and MEGA328
#define SPI_DDR DDRB
#define SPI_MISO PB4 //DataOut of MMC
#define SPI_MOSI PB3 //DataIn of MMC
#define SPI_CLK PB5 //Clock of MMC
#define SPI_SS PB2 //SS pin of SPI interface

// These define the Pin, Port and DDR of the Chip Select to the MMC...
// Used to be defined here, but is now in the Makefile
#define MMC_CS PB2 //also change MMC_PORT and MMC_DDR acordingly
#define MMC_DDR DDRB

Thank you very much guys!