ATMEGA2560 with CH340 or FT232

Hello members,

I am working on a small application project that requires heavy memory. I am using arduino nano for this but am afraid to get instability issues once it goes out in field.
The foot print on the arduino mega is very big for my liking and also a lot of IOs that i do not need. So i am thinking to recreate the design on the mega with a smaller footprint with necessary IOs and serial comm.
I was wondering, and if anyone has tried it before, can i use the atmega2560 chip with a CH340 or FT232 for USB to TTL here? On the mega board i see that originally a ATMEGA16U is used (dont know why). I want to skip all that and use ICSP setup simply to communicate with the arduino IDE for program and troubleshooting the controller. Nothing fancy.
Is it possible? i would love to hear the feedback and comments on this.
Thank you.

Check these out. Very cute little boards.

I got 3 for less than $30 recently, somewhere on ebay. Quality looks good, three fit laid out on an UNO.


Or if you’re spinning your own PCB, a MEGA1284 in QFP surface mount.

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