atmega325 alive?

Hi all,

I am trying to program a atmega325A. I have it connected using arduino as isp, and it works for the 328 but 325A does not exist, did some playing around with boards.txt and now avrdude. im not really sure if its a hardware or software problem.

But i know the device works fine because i can check it using jtag (don't have a programming licence).

Any suggestions? im checking the signals as i speak, don't see a reply from mosi atm.

avrdude.exe -c stk500v1 -p m325 -P COM17

Is atmega325 or atmega325A listed in avrdude.conf? If not, it will be hard to get the compiler to work with it.

Got it to work just now, it was a wire that caused this problem.
Its a "325A" but i added the "325" in avrdude, this is a new version of the same chip.

I have it working using the arduino software and it seems to know this. the signature is allmost the same.

Operator error, will get you every time...