ATmega325 with Arduino 1.0?

I am working a project that could use the increased number of I/O ports of the ATmega325 over the ATmega328. Is there any way to modify the Arduino 1.0 IDE to support the 325?

I did a search on the forum but did not come up with anything, other than somefolks that had looked into a few years ago and with no conclusion.....

Thanks to all!

Check here to see if core files are developed for the '325.

If not, check out a '324//644/1284 solution instead?

Crossroads replied:

""Check here to see if core files are developed for the '325.""

Sorry I am a bit dense today...Where is "here"

This forum?


David G.

Sorry thought I pasted that in:

"Sorry thought I pasted that in: " This looks like a gold strike!!!, no 325 code but it does have the 324 (and a host of other CPUs) which will do just find in my application...... but it says it is for IDE 0020 and I am running Arduino 1.0 , I would go back to 0020 but I can't find it any longer on my computer......

This resource should be better known. Is it listed in the playground or somewhere else???? Sigh

David G.


Don't know. You can still download previous revs

However: a '324 is very much like a '1284, just less memory, and the '1284 is getting to be supported pretty well in 1.0 Signature Fuse a little different

Check this thread,88017.0.html and also Optiloader for '1284's (might need google log in for that?)

Thanks for the help!

Folks like you are what make the Arduino concept really work!

David G.

Thanks. I am just trying follow in the footsteps of my peers, many of whom are way more knowledgeble in the software end of it than I. But I can design a pretty mean board 8)