AtMega328 8MHz. 3.3V Bootloader Problem

I have a bare Amega328P chip that I bootloaded using ArduinoISP and I bootloaded to be AtMega328P 8MHz 3.3V. Each time I upload the bootloader succesfully but when I try to program it using FTDI it gives this error:

avrdude: stk500_recv(): programmer is not responding

Given the fact that I checked my wiring, the FTDI module, the Arduino Uno itself and I changed the chip to a brand new one and still got the same error. I’m guessing this must be a bootloader issue. What am I doing wrong?

And additional question: does bootloading a AtMega328 chip several times damages the chip?

The first photo is my bootloader circuit, the second is the circuit I created to using the bootloaded AtMega328P (Arduino on breadboard) and the thir one is my bootloader board selection.

Thank you in advance!

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Anyone? Please?

You'll probably get some help if you actually attach the photos of your setup.

Yea, I was going to but it gave me an error while I was trying to upload. I contacted the moderator about it. They will be up soon.