atmega328 8mhz bootloader

Hi everyone,
Does anyone know where i might find a couple of different bootloaders for arduino.
I'm looking to try the following 4 options
atmega168 with internal 8mhz clock
atmega168 with external 8mhz clock
atmega328 with internal 8mhz clock
atmega328 with external 8mhz clock

i have a usbtiny icsp programmer to burn these with.

thanks in advance

the lilypad bootloaders should work. I don't think the loader knows or cares the clock source - just be careful with the fuse settings.

You can use the standard bootloader at half the normal download rate...

You can use the standard bootloader at half the normal download rate...

not sure if i know what you mean. so i should cut the baud rate in half?
on the 328 i believe it is set at 57600 so i'll use 28800 on the 328 and i believe on the 168 it was 19200 so i'll use 9600 on the 168.
is this correct? and am i just changing this in the boards.txt file?

Bit of shift-key pedantry coming up:

8mhz clock

An 8mHz clock ticks once every 125 seconds. :smiley:

Is millihertz ever used? Once the frequency goes "below" one hertz I've always seen it written as seconds per whatever (like you did).

Yes milliHertz are used as units

here is where i'm at on this stuff
i have configured the fuse settings in my boards.txt file to give me internalRC Osc. 8mhz and i have disabled brown out detect
i am using the bootloader for the pro mini 3.3v 8mhz
i am able to burn the bootloader using the arduino0018 envirnment and a usbtiny programmer but when i try to upload a sketch i get
the "programmer not responding" messages

can anybody help with this? i am looking for a bootloader and fuse settings that allow me to use an atmega328 with internal 8mhz rc osc
and no brownout detection. i have a usbtiny programmer and an AVRISPmkII programmer. i am able to do the exact same thing with an atmega168 but am unable to do this with an atmega328.
i'm using the fuse calculator from and i'm using arduino0018 on Mac OSX