ATMEGA328 bricked .. Request support


I wanted to run ATMEGA328 in low power. I tried programming optiboot 1Mhz 9600bps bootloader with fuse bits set to 128Khz. when i tried to burn the bootloader using usbasp, it started to write the fuse bits but stopped to burn the bootloader. I bricked 2 ICs. Request support to find the mistake it board file or error message… And also how t recover my ICs back to working state.

Will attach the error message

board file: Optiboot internal 128KHz noBOD 1200baud


Fuse_Error.txt (8.14 KB)

It may be working fine at 128kHz. The SPI clock you use for ISP programming has to be (at most) some fraction of the CPU clock rate, so if you successfully set it to 128kHz, you may have to slow down the clock rate of your ISP programmer a great deal if you want to continue to talk to it.

This is the -B parameter to avrdude, but I don't know if USBASP programmers uniformly support it.

Hi Westfw,

Thank you for your suggestion. Yes, looks it is working fine. I am able to reprogram through usbasp by lowering the clock speed. Usbasp has a jumper which can be used to lower the ISP clock.

I was able to use the ATMEGA328 and also it is now running at lower power at 125KHz.

Thank you for your timely suggestion and it helped me a lot.

Regards, sthiru

Usbasp has a jumper which can be used to lower the ISP clock.

Thanks for the confirmation, and for the additional details on exactly how to do this on the (or "a", anyway) USBASP...