Atmega328 Pro Mini problem with PC0 in coding

Hi all, I am newbie in this field. Appreciate your help.

I had a code running on 168, I cannot run it on the Mini Pro with Atmega328.

Here comes some part of the code:

#define CDDR DDRC
#define CPIN PINC

#define KEY0 PC0
#define KEY1 PC1

char pinval[2] = {1<<KEY0,1<<KEY1};

void setup()

I tried this version too:

//char pinval[2] = {1<<KEY0,1<<KEY1};
void setup()
pinval[0] = 1<<KEY0;
pinval[1] = 1<<KEY1;

which is getting the same error msg

the error message is:
error: ‘PC0’ was not declared in this scope

For some reason (unknown to me) the port pin short forms (PC0-PC7, PD0-PD7 etc.) are undefined for AtMega328. You can however use PORTC0 or PINC0 for either Atmega168 or AtMega328 as they define the same constant.

More info on this topic is here:

Great, it worked both with PORTC0 and PINC0. It feels marvelous when you see this message "Done Compiling".