ATMEGA328-PU How can i duplicate it in a new ATMEGA328-PU chip ?

Hello everyone, I am new to the forum and not so I don't have so much knowledge about pcbs I have an ATMEGA328-PU already programmed chip and I would like to copy the 'code' and write it in a new ATMEGA328-PU chip.

1. What equipment do I need to buy ? 2. If i buy one ARDRUINO UNO ATMEGA328P R3 and connect it through usb in a laptop will it be ok ?

Thank you in advance for your help 8)

So any idea ?

I'd just pop the chip into... either the Arduino board, or whatever board you're using it with if it has an ISP header, then copy everything between the two chips with eXtremeBurnerAVR and a USB ASP.

If the chip you're starting with is already bootloaded with optiboot, you can just pop it into an arduino uno board, and read it out with avrdude from the commandline over the normal usb-serial. If it doesn't use a bootloader, that won't work.

Note also that if whoever programmed the part you're copying doesn't want you to copy it, there are a few ways to keep you from getting data off it (ie, rstdsbl to disable reset so you can't read it via ISP, lockbits to prevent you from reading flash, etc)