ATmega328-PU, MCP23008, OLED display timing

Hello, I am trying to debug a display. I have LCDuino from AMB laboratories that has been tested and compiled for LCD displays. I decided to put an OLED display but having hard time to "display" the right symbols on it. The guy who developped the firmware said that it might be the timing issue. Since he didn't tested the OLED by himself, he couldn't give me better advice than to increase the timing (double up some values from 9, 60, 800 microseconds). I am trying this on and on but it is like looking for the needle in a haystack. I wonder if there is a program(firmware) that I can flash to the chip for a sefl debugging purpose, and then download the correct display timing data from the chip. Any help how to deal with this display appreciated.

The command set looks new, even though the structure looks familiar and that it looks like a simple text module, from the timings they all look like 600ns with exception of clear command which is 2000; nothing unusual there. If you are having corruption, you want to look at cable length between chip and the unit. When you say "display" the right symbols on it, I get the impression you do get to see something displayed? Give it a while, and then I would head over to the forums and try there, but you will have to explain your problem really well and include a snippet of the LCD initialization code that explains itself if you want results.