Where i can buy 10 x ATMEGA328P-20AU for low price .

What do you consider a low price? Do you wish them to come preloaded with the Arduino bootloader or not? Is shipping costs a factor, if so where are located?


i need it for Arduino Nano 3.0 5$ech max. i am form Canada,Quebec - £3-00 each (10pc bulk buy of the PDIP package) - £2-65 for the QFN package, I bet RS/Radio Shack perhaps mouser ? have them for a similar amount. even better for you.

i have 10 pcb arduino nano v.3.0 now i need to have 10 ATMEGA328P-20AU . Do i need to put bootloader arduino in chip .

if yes , how i can do that .

You'll need to burn the bootloader on the chips. I use adafruits usb tiny. Works great.

where i can buy it

Look arround on , you could use an arduino to burn the boot loaders onto the chips, google arduino isp.

ATMEGA328P-20AU and ATMEGA328P-AU is it the same chip ?

Have you checked out on mouser? It seems to be a pretty good price to me.


Where did you get the part number ATMEGA328P-20AU?

The current Atmel data sheet (doc8271, dated April, 2010) has ordering information on ATmega328P-AU (32-pin QFP package). Also there are -MU and -PU part numbers for MLF and DIP parts. (Nothing with a '-20' in it.) All of the ATmega328P parts support 20 MHz (max) operation.

I mean, maybe some reseller has its own scheme for identifying part numbers that are slightly different from the manufacturers'. Some ICs have different speed grades and vendors often put the particular max clock frequency a in the part number (somehow).


According to the ATmega328P, there is only one speed grade. So: an ATmega328P is an ATmega328P. Period.

If there are any remaining doubts, and your vendor has a part number that is different from anything in Atmel's data sheet: Ask them before buying! Who knows what the heck they have?



I just found the ATMega328P-PU at the market [ch65292] but the different price at different times , even purchase form the same suppliers

So dear for me . I'm waitting for one mouth . :-/

mouser ;D

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Where i can buy 10 x ATMEGA328P-AU