ATMEGA328P-AU in stock at Mouser

Let the hoarding begin.

Over 3000 to 1700 in a few minutes. Mouser has a bunch more coming in the next couple weeks, but after that, who knows? They’re quoting 28 week leadtimes now.

Get 'em while you can, I say. Hoarding contributes to the problem, maybe, but those chips will eventually find their way out there.

Are you referring to the SMD version[ch65311]

I thought they’re getting the 28-pin DIP earlier than they said.

Neat! Check this SKU out… ATmega328 DIP with Arduino Bootloader:

The non-programmed DIP is on a 28 week lead time (as of this post):

oh! Not just the bare chip, either:

So Mouser carries official Arduino products and Farnell/Newark has their own clone. I wonder what Digikey will do?

Heh, everyone’s getting in on some of the action now… :wink:

Even Jameco is jumping on the train:

I wonder if RadioShack or Barn and Noble may want to be the next.

Whoa, nice: Mouser now has 11,000 of the TQFP in stock. Way to go!

Also DIP in @ Farnell SKU 1848694

Why are we still having this sh*tfest after so many months. Can’t they make a few million chips before they go make something else? Keep people happy for a while?

[edit]Don’t answer that…[/edit]

Because Atmel is actually fabless so they can really demand the factory, as there are things like production order, and if some other Atmel chip is more used by an industrial buyer that’s the model that goes into the fab and not the hobby 328 one.

Sparkfun now has both bootloaded and bare ATMEGA328 in stock. I’m ordering them right now.

Well, now hundreds of them are all gone. I got 10 and bootloaded them successfully. Somehow the ZIF socket didn’t work so well with my breadboard and the last two chips took forever to bootload right. I’ve only tested one of them but will try them more later.