atmega328p irremote sendsony problem

I try to transmit through one Arduino atmega328p) and receive through the second, using the irremote library On a transmiting Arduino, the IR diode is connected to the D3 leg I'm trying to transmit to the receiving Arduino using the IRremote library itself I transmit with this sketch I receive the signal using this sketch

and I take the following every 4sec each time some different length of the package Raw(*) from 14 to 26 the time intervals with duration at all not understandable for me. IRremote recognized the sent signal as Unknown encoding.

Help to understand why irsend.sendSony doesn't work?

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Try commenting out the unused SoftwareSerial in the sender. SoftwareSerial and IRremote both use a timer and I would suspect a conflict.

thank you very much
thank you very much
thank you very much
thank you very much
I fixed it as you said and everything works like clockwork.
You saved me a lot of time in solving this problem.
May God protect you.

smile smile smile for you.

I'm glad that worked.