ATMega328P - More memory alternative?

I was going to use a Mega328P 28-pin controller (the same one used in the Arduino Uno boards) for a project.

However, I need more memory! Currently, I'm sitting at 54% Program memory and 21% Dynamic memory, and I'm planning to add much more to the sketch.

I was wondering if the chip used in the Arduino Mega, the ATmega1280, comes in a 28 pin DIP alternative, as this sketch only uses about 6% and 5% of it's memory, respectively.

If not, are there any other suggestions?

No, the ATmega1280 does not come in a DIP-28, or in fact any through hole package. You have your choice of TQFP-100 or CBGA-100.

My favorite is ATmega1284P. With 128 kB of flash, 16 kB SRAM, 4 kB EEPROM it gives plenty room to grow. It's available in a DIP-40, which is an advantage in my eyes but maybe not for a project that needs to be compact and has no use for the extra IO. Of course there are surface mount package options also that are more compact. It is significantly more expensive than ATmega328P.

I offer '1284P boards in several different form factors.
Such as: