Hello Arduino forums,

I accidentally bought 5 atmega328pb-au-nd not knowing that the atmega328p-au is different.

Am i still able to use this for arduino?

I saw this thread

which just was saying that the memory is a bit lower, but they don't answer the question of is it still usable? Am I losing something other than memory ?

The pinout is showing the same.


Am i still able to use this for arduino?

You sure are. You'll need to install and use Minicore, and just be careful of the slight pin differences between the 328P and 328PB.

So i noticed that pin 3 is pe0 and pin7 is pe1 is pin 6 now instead of vvc and gnd.

If I am not using PE1, and PE0 it just means two less connections right ?

because I only need D3 D4 and D9 D10 for the project i want.

Yes, that's right.