atmega644P Ethernet Shield don't work

Hello, today I had really busy day I had built Sanguino on breadboard, I burned bootloader on it and even was able to program it using serial programmer. I was happy at this point as everything is working perfect so I started to test various things like LCD, temperature sensor DHT22 and yeah nice it worked. So decided to connect Ethernet shield that one with microSD card on board and guess what microSD works perfect BUT Ethernet NO.

From what i read both microSD and Ethernet are connected by SPI only one device can communicate in the same time so this shield use PIN10 to switch off Ethernet when PIN10 is set to HIGH and PIN4 to switch off microSD when PIN4 is set to HIGH.
I connected SPI and i think I did that OK because microSD works OK but i just can’t get Ethernet to work i tried to set other PIN to high and than 4 to high and connect it to microSD so it is permanently tuned off but no good still nothing, than I tried something stupid I set PIN10 to HIGH and reseted chip and Ethernet started, I tried this few times but it just starts randomly when PIN10 is high and PIN4 is LOW. It just doesn’t make any sens to me.

Ethernet library wasn’t written for atmega644P so maybe this is a problem I tested basic Ethernet webserver example it works OK on my Mega2560 but no luck in connecting this shield to 644P and runnig same example.

Can anyone help me? I saw here on forum one other topic but no solution for version 1.0.5. Atmega644P is a nice bridge between UNO and MEGA and it can be built on breadboard.