People have been using the Atmega644P with hacked IDE’s etc. for some years now. I know the people responsible for these projects have been interacting with the Arduino team for some time now.

I am curious why this chip has not been included in the IDE yet?

Rather then “why not up to now”, how about when can it be made to happen, regardless of past policy/priorites ?

This is a great chip that fits nicely between the 328 and 1280.


I also like the 644 chip, I have the excellent Sanguino board and a home-built 644 board. But it takes a great deal of effort to maintain different chip architectures in the Arduino releases and it seems to me that the Arduino developers are overstretched in fully supporting everything for the current chips included in the IDE. There seems to be a raft of stuff that remains to be done to get all the code and documentation to fully support the Mega board. Plus all the fixes and features being requested for the generic code.

The Arduino platform was not designed for adding controller chips with different hardware architectures. IMO, figuring out how to make the platform easier to enhance is a higher priority than adding another board, particularly one that is so well supported by the Sanguino team. There seem to be so many calls on the limited Arduino developer team I am not sure how soon that will happen.

I agree with Lefty, the 644 is a nice fit between the 328 amd 1280. I was just about to say the Sanguino , an Arduino inspired design uses the 644 but mem beat me to it

One thing that I’ve noticed is that every one of the boards in the list have an Arduino name. So, perhaps it’s required that the device is an actual Arduino, which includes a licensing fee for use of the name as I’ve read before. I’m sure there are other requirements as well, but that’s outside of what I have read about.

So, perhaps it’s required that the device is an actual Arduino

That’s most likely the case. The Arduino IDE being open source seems to allow for any vendor to fork/modify the IDE to support their unique offerings so maybe that’s where it has to stand. I can live with that, the vendors are motivated to do the required work to make their offerings more attractive. Just makes the normal IDE upgrade cycle a little more complex for people wishing to both upgrade and take advantage of the latest IDE offerings. Nothing the community can’t deal with I guess.