ATMEGA8-16PC and IC replacement

Hi All.

i need a little bit of help trying to find replacements for an old project and most of the ICs are obsolete.
Just some confirmations that that the ones i found are good, is more than enough:
Last month a wrong Atmega was driving me crazy.
Thanks in advance.

with: ATMEGA8-16PU Microchip Technology / Atmel | Mouser United Kingdom

with: CD74HCT4051E Texas Instruments | Mouser United Kingdom


HC family will be fine, all the manufacturer's versions are compatible, ALS is probably OK for LS (checkout
the output current drive isn't smaller though, if it matters in the circuit)

The 16PC version is commercial rating, the 16PU is industrial - the difference is probably only in the
packaging materials. However you'd need to check the signature bytes for the versions too.

Thank you so much Mark.
This helps me a lot