Atmega8 Bootloading - Lesson Learnt

This article will aim to document lessons learnt while bootloading an ATMEGA8 ( ATMEGA8a-PU,ATMEGA8L-PU) chips with Arduino bootloader.

Prepare your circuit as per this article -->
. Use the one where crystal is present. Without crystal the chip is very unstable, most (90%) of the time it will not work and give a "Invalid Device signature" error. Save your previous time by using a crystal and 2 capacitors.

Use an older version of Aruidno Software , new one will constantly throw error/missing parameters messages. I think the new version does not support older chips, or require additional parameters which are not present. I used version 0022 which works like a charm.

Make sure your connections are secured tightly, micro controller chip is pushed in completely ( in breadboard), else you might see unexpected behaviour/error like "Invalid Device Signature" or a Signature mismatch error.

I didn't had to modify either the board.txt file or any other configuration file to make it work with 0022 version.
Choose "Arduino NT or Older w Atmega8" option in Boards settings and "Arduino as ISP" in programmer.

I am using Atmega8 to make my own boards project in progress. Hopefully would be able to post the final sample soon.

Feel free to educate me in case you have a solution that is better and worked for you.