ATMega8 fuses

Hi, I need to burn a ATMega8 code just over 7168 bytes . I don't really need to reprogram It , so I can prescind the bootloader in order to fill all the flash size with the code. My question is: Wich fuses should I burn for this case? It will be OK with the hfuse:ca lfuse:df? or I should burn different ones? In case I prescind the external crystal, relying in internal 8Mhz clock. Which fuses should I choose? Thanks in advance, and sorry for my english, Juan

So this is going to take a little explanation.

So if you have ever tried to program ATtiny85 or ATtiny45 chips, you've had to download new "boards" to select in the Arduino IDE. If you could find a similar thing for an ATmega8, then you can install that and then look in the boards.txt file and see what the bootloader would set it to and then you can set it to that and just burn the whole thing using AVRdude.

Hi funkyguy4000, I've never programmed Atiny , I was thinking about changing inside arduino board.txt "atmega8.upload.maximum_size=7168" to "8192", then verify It just to looking for the hex to burn this way, but I guess I must to change fuses too. Regards, Juan

Well you won't be using any of the arduino files. Most, if not all, arduino files have to have the bootloader in order to be used directly. Now you can pull information from the boards file although you cannot use them. You'l have to get a ICSP programmer to do what you want to do and use AVRDUDE. You'll see that lot of the programming done through a windows cmd window. Well that's honestly the best way. Using a separate program can get kinda hairy. I would recommend snooping around to find how to program things with the icsp programmers.

Just in case It can help someone. I’ve done what I’ve post before, set fuses as is recommended in this post by condemned
, and it works!