Atmega8 support?

For less than a couple of bucks, you can buy them from fleabay, I'd have bought 10 of them but Arduino's latest IDE does not play nicely only really old versions! Since the market is flooded with cheap atmega8 processors who's in charge of fixing it?

Two versions? With out dated libraries? Sure...

Use the new Arduino IDE. Select board "ATmega8 NG" or make your own bootloader. Some libraries are not fully compatible with the old ATmega8. For example the tone library.

Atmega8A == Atmega8

ATmega8 signature = 1E 93 07
ATmega8A signature = 1E 93 07 (the same)
Application Note AVR523 is about the differences: there are not any. Okay, perhaps a few electrical characteristics differ.

Wow, you got me there. As atmega328 and atmega328P have different signature, I though this rule applied to everything.