ATMega8535 Educational Board and arduino

can i use.arduino on the ATMega8535 , there is a great educational board and it5s cheap. i have not got any arduino yet.

Try here...

thanks. Btw is this chip $40 ? look here at my suppler pLease.

Looks a bit expensive to me...

My guess is they put the decimal place in the wrong spot.

except i found same chip on another aussie site just as expensive so im going to ring one of them,. at a third site you got the chip and as great board educational for that amount. but i asm confused confounded why two popular sites have vthje chip listed so dear. its only 6am here ill have to wait.

like here this dev board looks value

Looks like a pretty nice collection of stuff to play with.

But only 8k of program memory and 512 bytes of SRAM, seems kind of small for such a physically large 40 pin chip. ;D


Yeah. More of an ATmegatiny.

Yeah. More of an ATmegatiny.

/golf clap