Atmega8A become unresponsive after force read with usbasp


I was trying to reprogram my old project which uses Atmega8A, and when i was about to program it, i forgot what chip i use inside it and what board,crystal speed,bod setting, and i think i use Atmega328P, after connecting my usbasp, i open up my arduino IDE, and about to upload the new program, every time i about to upload it the arduino says, "Expected signature for blabla is blabla", and i say to myself "So i'm not using this board", but after trying every board which i think it's right (Arduino Uno, Arduino Nano, MCUdude/Minicore 328), it's still says so. (as i remember, selecting minicore and arduino NG atmega8 showing the wrong signature too)

So i installed extreme burner avr and open it up, and select atmega328,atmega328p, and atmega8, and try to "Read All" the chip and try to seek some information about the chip, it's still showing the wrong signature, but since extreme burner avr can do force read even though we select the wrong chip, i do the force read, everything seems to appear (yay!), but after realizing my program was suddenly vanished after the force read, i try to write the hex, and doh!, the chip is becoming unresponsive!, the extreme burner avr says "Cannot communicate with the target chip", so i moved back to arduino IDE and try to upload it, and the error becoming "avrdude target does'nt answer", not a wrong signature!, i try to check my connection, usbasp (try to upload it to another board), but it's still becoming unresponsive, i have no idea why is this happening, as i remember i just doing force read and everything is gone wrong.

After that, i open up my project case and the chip i use was Atmega8A, but i still have no idea what board i use.

( The low fuses are 0x7F, high fuses are 0x00, that's the information i get from force reading the chip, probably it's written back after the read?, because the 0x7F setting on atmega8A is rstdisbl, i have no idea are my chip is able to resetting because my program was vanished from the chip (it was digital clock) )

if you have any ideas about this problem please tell me, thank you.


Do not throw the Atmega in the trash if the SPI burner does not work!

Atmega can be reprogrammed with another parallel-type programmer, I'm not talking about an LPT computer parallel port, but this other programmer uses more wires to connect to the Atmega.

It is not very common to use this other programmer, but resolves in those cases where the programmer via SPI does not work anymore due to problems with the fuses.

I can not remember the name of this type of programmer, maybe someone can help, I remember that in the past I made a home programmer with an Atmega16, but it's been a long time.