Atmega8A burning bootloader help?????

I want to burn bootloader in atmega8 -A, how to do this .I had burn bootloader in atmega328 easily but this is looking hard,,,,,,,,HELP!!!!!!!

There is an issue with the IDE related to the extended fuses. You can always try to burn the "Arduino NG and older" option, but it has an old and fairly large bootloader that's slow to start. I'll instead recommend you to install MiniCore, which has has the smallest bootloader available (Optiboot), and great support for ATmega8.

If you're using an Arduino as ISP, you can follow this guide.After you have burnt the bootloader on the ATmega8, you can simply just remove the chip in your UNO, and insert the ATmega8 instead :)

IN one attempt every thing is just done,you are great thank you