ATMEGA8U2 bootloader (.hex) for use with ATMEGA2560

Hi can someone please direct me to where the Atmega2560 bootloader is for use with a 8u2 FTDI driver.

I can locate the 16u2 version or can this be flashed on the 8u2 since it’s essentially the same hardware with just less memory?

I am after the .hex files which come usually in the hardware folder:

E.g :/firmwares/atmegaxxu2/arduino-usbserial/Arduino-usbserial-atmega16u2-Mega2560-Rev3.hex

but I require 8u2


It's firmware, not the bootloader.
Yes, 16U2 and 8U2 are the same except of memory.
Firmware is the same. It should work with 8U2 and fit to its memory. Older Arduino Mega2560 used to use 8U2.

Thanks all working after my below hiccup, sharing incase someone else makes this little blunder

Error "address out of range" when using Flip 3.4.7 make sure you are flashing the correct .hex files since there a few types combined ones and usbserial ones!!

You want to use usbserial