Atmega_Board_Programmer: Unrecognized Signature

Thanks to Nick Gammon for his great guide on MCUs. I'm trying to get an ATmega168A-PU working but am getting an "Unrecognized signature." message when I run Atmega_Board_Programmer. The full Serial Monitor output is below:

(edit: my images aren't showing up, so I'll just link to them - sorry)

Atmega_Board_Programmer output

The output of Atmega_Board_Detector, posted below, seems fine:

Atmega_Board_Detector output

I wired up the chip as per Nick's pictures without the crystal or connection to D9. Because the chip is detected correctly (with the same signature), I suspect the wiring is correct. However, here is a photo of my wiring anyway:


I've also tried with a 16MHz crystal on between pins 9 and 10 with a 20 pF cap to ground on both pins, and I get the same result.

The chip is brand new, and I followed Nick's procedure as outlined here. Couldn't find anything through forum and web searches - any help would be appreciated.