atmel 6.2 +update

I have installed atmel 6.2 about a dozen time - installed microsoft visual sketch-installed the update for atmel for arduino products yet I cannot select a board. In the board icon no boards appear. I cannot input an ino file without getting errors about no boards. Does this program actually support arduino or not. Is there an error in their program or and error in the microsoft visual atmel visual sketch? This dumn butt cant figure it out. Been trying for two days. I give up unless you guys have an answer instead of a comment about my post.

Hi stx38834

I’m using Atmel Studio 6.2 with the Visual Micro extension for Arduino from here:

Is this what you are using?

See attached screenshot.

Before it would show any Arduino information in those list boxes, I had to tell it where my Arduino IDE was installed on my laptop, using the “configuration manager” option in the left hand pull down list. It needs at least one version of the Arduino to be installed.