ATMEL ATMEGA1280 + WiShield + Motor controller

It will be possible to use ATMEL ATMEGA1280 with WiShield, Motor controller Shield L298N, Arduino Sensor Shield V4 and Arduino Infrared Reflectance Sensor, or how will be possible to combine all of them…?

Or at least with WiShield and Motor Controller?

I’m really a beginner-- in this and don’t have possibility to buy this things whenever I want, so I want to be really secure that this somehow will work…

Sorry for bad english.

It is very possible that some of the shields use the same pins.

You have to figure out, what pins each of the boards use, and if it is possible to stack the shields. This is not always the case, if the shield doesent take all the pins, including the ones it does not use “through to the top” I hope you understand what i mean :slight_smile: