Atmel AVR Dragon

I have a Infiduino R3 board. It’s supposed to be the equivalent of the Arduino Uno R3.
It has the Atmega328P-AU processor.
I have been trying to figure out if the AVR Dragon debugger will work with this board.
I haven’t had much success so far.

Does anyone know where on the forum there might be info on this question?
Or anywhere else I could get the ‘straight skinny’.

It's all in the datasheet:

  1. debugWIRE On-chip Debug System 25.1 Features • Complete Program Flow Control • Emulates All On-chip Functions, Both Digital and Analog, except RESET Pin • Real-time Operation • Symbolic Debugging Support (Both at C and Assembler Source Level, or for Other HLLs) • Unlimited Number of Program Break Points (Using Software Break Points) • Non-intrusive Operation • Electrical Characteristics Identical to Real Device • Automatic Configuration System • High-Speed Operation • Programming of Non-volatile Memories 25.2 Overview The debugWIRE On-chip debug system uses a One-wire, bi-directional interface to control the program flow, execute AVR instructions in the CPU and to program the different non-volatile memories. 25.3 Physical Interface When the debugWIRE Enable (DWEN) Fuse is programmed and Lock bits are unprogrammed, the debugWIRE system within the target device is activated. The RESET port pin is configured as a wire-AND (open-drain) bidirectional I/O pin with pull-up enabled and becomes the communication gateway between target and emulator.

You have to get rid of the auto-reset cap for debugWire to work.