ATMEL Mega1284P evaluation board avalible

Delicious... GREAT WORK!!!

excellent looking board
bet you’re well pleased with self!

@pito, I have some pictures, one might be the boards cooling in the oven. Will check when I get home.

@buulindo, mmcp42,

We sacrificed a bare board to make a jig to hold the thru hole connecters straight for soldering, makes the board look very sharp having everything all lined up nice & neat. I am very pleased with the way the boards turned out. The FTDI chip has turned out to be a total pain in the ass, requiring touch up on every board. I think next go round will look into maybe putting paste down and no part for the oven reflow phase, then use hot air rework tool to clean up any shorts between pads, and then put the chip on. That's definitely not a hobby friendly package.

@pito, Turns out I Don't have pictures - only a shortcut to a desktop folder! Blew that one. Will get them soon.

CrossRoads: @pito, Turns out I Don't have pictures - only a shortcut to a desktop folder! Blew that one. Will get them soon.

Apparently that's my fault, sorry :-(

I'll shoot a pic of my oven and post it.

Hello Robert! What a beautiful card!!! Awesome :astonished: Very very nice work. ;)

Thanks Leo. I translated another post, looking for "core files". I have posted the changes I made to boards.txt and pins_arduino.c for the D0-D31 assignment to pins that I used, and to a SdFat library file also. If folks there want to use the Sanguino files for the 644 that might be more straightforward.

hi, i'm erik and been following the great work in this topic for a while because this board is exactly what i need, please tell me how to buy a board. erik

Eric, read the last paragraph of CrossRoads's post.

CrossRoads: PM me for details where to send Paypal payment and address to send card to. All cards will have all IO lines tested, RS232 serial interface tested, RTC tested, and SD card tested. I expect to be bootloading and downloading sketches/testing all this week (and install a component or two more, think we were short a 16 MHz crystal and 4 header shields when we packed up).

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Thanks Erik. Let me investigate shipping costs to Europe. Do I need to include a piece of paper in the shipment saying it is Not Leadfree?


This looks like a very nice board. I'm sure there's a market for boards based around the 644P/1284P. I only found this thread recently, by which time I had already got a design for a shield-compatible strip board version using the 644P.

Yes, a small market. Have delivered 4 of them so far. Search for "Hacking the uno" for how it started...

Well unless one stumbles on this topic nobody knows of the existance of this Mega1284P Bobuino board, maybe a mail to would draw the needed attention. Erik

I received my board from CrossRoads a couple weeks ago. I think it very well built, and it is loaded with features! To name 2, the RTC clock, and the memory card slot would normally have to be bought separately and would take more room on an Uno. It has so many I/O's that to me, it is almost like the Mega!

In summary, I am very happy with my purchase and I will put the Bobuino to good use. It is a excellent platform to learn with and use in a future project!


Congrats on the board and the hackaday mention!



Did you do anything with the software? Step by step instructions for modifying the IDE? Got my board working eventually, it’s just a shame that there is no built in support. It looks a great bit of kit though.

What? I sent you an e-mail, same as the other folks who bought a board, with a document with directions needed to make it work - location of my zip file that has all the files I modified, example sketches, links to needed libraries. I sent it a 2nd time when I updated it slightly. I hadn't heard anything back from you, figured you were all set. The e-mails didn't bounce, so I assumed your e-mail was good.

Are there any links in web or is it closed source? |Thanks

Links for the Bobuino? There are these 2

The schematics & board layout have been posted in this thread several times as I worked stuff out.